ChargeSini x TELD: Revolutionizing EV Charging Solutions

ChargeSini Explores Collaboration with TELD in Qingdao, China Recently, ChargeSini had the privilege of visiting TELD New Energy Co Ltd (特来电) in Qingdao, China.  During this corporate visit to TELD New Energy Co Ltd in Qingdao, the team delved into TELD’s impressive infrastructure boasting 550,000 charging points, marking a significant step towards a sustainable future. […]

Largest Residential EV Station in Putrajaya @Tamara

Raya Bersama Tamara & YB Datuk Dr. Radzi Jidin: Grand Opening of Putrajaya largest residential EV station ChargeSini is proud to announce the grand opening of our first Residential EV charging station in Putrajaya, located at Tamara Residence. The inauguration ceremony, held today at Dewan Gandasuli Tamara Residence, together with Hari Raya Open House celebration, […]