Projects Partner

Why Become Our Project Partner

Trending Business & Future Proof

High Profit Margin


Market Leader in industry

Easy to Start

No Experience Required

How long my project will last?

Your return will not stop until our JV partner discontinue our JV agreement.

Any Insurance purchase for JV Project?

Yes, we have both all risk insurance for our charger and liability insurance for the building.

What happen if JV partner breach the contract?

The damage fund from the contract will be fully refund to our project partner.

What happen if the charger spoilt?

Chargesini fully responsibility to repair or replace a new device without any impact or charges on our project partner.

How do i secure my project to invest?

Choose your desire project and press Book Now and pay the minimum RM1,000 booking fee.

What is DC Charger?

Its is equivalent to ultra fast charger. Our charger equipped with 60Kw power that can charge a Tesla Model Y from 30-80% in just 30mins