HYPER 140: Smart wallbox home DC EV charger

HYPER 140 Smart Direct Current EV Charger. The best smart DC EV charger for business use in Malaysia. It can charge up to 140 kW with maximum 3 vehicles at the same time and its connected to ChargeSINI Cloud System for a smarter charging activity.

The HYPER 140 is a powerful and efficient EV charger that is primally installed for commercial and public charging used. It comes with one AC charging cable, one DC Chedemo charging cable (vehicles 150-500V), and one DC CCS-2 charging cable (vehicles 120-1000V), allowing three EVs to charge at the same time, making it an excellet choice for high-traddic areas, such as businesses, organisations, and public charging facility providers.


DC Output: 140kW

Category: Floor Stand


  • 2 DC Cables and 1 AC Cable with dynamic loading
  • AC can charge up to 43 kW depends on cable
  • DC Cables come with liquid cooling function
  • DC Cables can be customised based on your needs
  • DC Rated Power: 140kW
  • Protection Level: IP55 Water & Dust Proof
  • Cooling Method: Forced-aircooling
  • Dimension: 885 x 860 x 1886 (mm)
  • Weight: 400 -550 kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Suitable for Petrol Station and Highway R&R


Shell Material Sheet Metal
Dimension 885 x 860 x 1886mm (L x W x H)
Installation Method Floor-stand type
Cable Routing Bottom inlet wiring, up outlet wiring
Weight 400-550kg
Cable Length >4.2m(External line)
Charging Outlets Single/double/triple(CCS+CHAdeMO/AC)
Input Voltage 400VAC+10%, 3P+N+PE
Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power 140KW
Measuring Accuracy Level 0.5
Output Voltage CCS1/2::150-1000Vdc CHAdeMO:150~500Vdc
Output Current ADC 140kW: CCS1/2 0-200Adc; CHAdeMO 0-125Adc
Efficiency >94%
Power Factory >0.99(Load:100%)
User Interface Emergency stop button, LED indicator, card swiping, touch screen
Charging Standards IEC 61851-1/IEC 61851-23/-24:2014/ISO15118-1-2013/ISO15118-2-2014
ISO 15118-3:2015/IEC 62196-1-2014/IEC 62196-3-2014/DIN 70121-2014
Network Interface Ethernet,WIFI,4G
Application Place Indoor/Outdoor
Working Temperature -30’ C ~ +70’ C (Output degraded above 50’ C)
Working Humidity 5% - 95% without condensation
Altitude <2000m
Protection Grade IP55/IK10
Cooling Forced-aircooling
MTBF 100,000 hours
Safety Standard EN 61851-1-2001; EN 61851-21-2001; EN 61851-22-2001
Security Design Over/under voltage protection, overload protection, current leakage protection, grounding protection, overtemp protection, lightening surge protection