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Hyper 140 v4 (1)
DC Charger vs AC Charger

A quick comparison between AC charger and DC fast charger.

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Pros and Cons of EV Chargers

Understand the benefits and drawbacks of an EV charger or station.

Stellar 1
Busting the Myths of EV Charging

There are many misleading information about EV charging that you need to know.

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Busting the Myths of Electric Vehicles

There are many misleading information about EV that you must know.

Hyper 140
How to Choose an EV Charger

Understand the detailed information of each EV charger and their usage.

Hyper 180
Buying The Right EV Charger

Several factors to consider before owning an EV charger that suits best for you.

Hyper 80 (4)
Tax Exemption on Electric Vehicles

Benefits that you will obtain when you purchase an EV in Malaysia.