How to Choose an EV Charger in Malaysia: AC vs. DC Charging

In Malaysia, the popularity of electric cars (EVs) is rising, and with that popularity comes a greater demand for charging infrastructure. What kind of charger to choose is one of the most crucial considerations an EV owner will have to make. EV chargers come in two primary varieties: AC and DC. We’ll examine the distinctions between AC and DC charging in this post and assist you in selecting the method that works best for you.

What is AC Charging?

Install a Level 2 AC charging station at your house or place of business for quicker charging. Using a 240-volt electrical connection, level 2 AC chargers can fully charge an EV battery in 4–6 hours. In Malaysia, there are a lot of public Level 2 AC charging stations that make it simple to charge your EV.

What is DC Charging?

DC charging is a preferred option for long-distance travel because it is much faster than AC charging. The term “direct current,” or DC, refers to the electricity that flows from a battery. An EV battery can be fully charged in as little as 30 minutes using a DC charging station, which is far more powerful than an AC charging station.

However, DC charging stations are less prevalent than AC charging stations since they are more expensive to establish and operate. Malaysia only has a small number of public DC charging stations right now, but as more EVs enter the road in the future years, that number is anticipated to rise.

Which Charging Option is Right for You?

Your individual needs as an EV owner will determine whether you choose AC or DC charging. The best option for you is likely AC charging if you mostly use your electric vehicle for commuting and have a Level 2 AC charging station at home or work. You can simply top off your battery while you’re at work or running errands, and it’s less expensive and more practical than DC charging.

On the other side, DC charging is the best option if you routinely take lengthy travels and need to fast charge your EV. Even though it costs more, if you need to get back on the road right away, the time saved may be worth it.


In Malaysia, deciding between AC and DC charging is crucial for EV owners. AC charging is more accessible and convenient even though it is slower and less expensive. On the other hand, DC charging is significantly faster but also more expensive and uncommon. The ideal choice ultimately depends on your specific requirements as an EV owner, therefore it’s critical to consider your driving patterns and charging routines before making a choice.

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