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Chargesini was founded by a group of forward thinkers with years of experience and expertise in e-commerce and engineering solutions. In this era, we realised that the speedy evolution and mass proliferation of vehicle production have brought tremendous damage to the environment, air pollution and the greenhouse effect are the significant consequences. The team has anticipated the rise of electric vehicles (EV) will become the trend in the coming years as the sole solution to this environmental issue. In Malaysia, EV charging stations are limited, and the coverage areas are narrow, causing uncertainties for most EV potential buyers. Chargesini aims to resolve this issue by introducing ChargeSini App that provides simplicity to all EV drivers, lease effort, just “Locate”, “Charge”, and “Pay”. Three steps, simple and hassle-free. We also work hand in hand with our partner, Sangitech, an expert in EV solutions whose products have been tested by TUV and certified by MyHijau to ensure the quality and condition of our charging stations are always the finest.

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Honest Cooperation

Honesty and Crediblility is our key of business trade.

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All products have undergone stringent QA before they are delivered.

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We positioned our price to be competitive yet affordable.

Superior Efficiency

Lowest voltage drop and usage on all our products.

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Provide world class leading EV Charging facility in Malaysia