ChargeSini EV Station Now Available At Menara Takaful

We are delighted to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between Takaful Malaysia and ChargeSini to introduce DC60kW charging stations at Menara Takaful Malaysia.

Located infront of Main Entrance; Coming with two units of AC 22kW charging stations, located at the outdoor parking (Ground Floor).

According to the ChargeSini app, the charging rate on both chargers are based on per-kWh drawn, with the AC units set at RM1.09/kWh whilst the DC charger levies RM1.19/kWh.

As usual, these EV charging bays are outfitted with ChargeSini’s automated parking barrier system.

Users are also subjected to an RM5 minimum charging fee and a 15-minute grace period to relocate their vehicles once the charging is complete.

Failing the latter would see users charged an RM1 idle fee for each subsequent 5-minute block.

This strategic partnership underscores our shared commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

With these charging stations readily available, we are empowering the community to embrace EV, making transportation cleaner, greener, and more sustainable 🌎

ChargeMana? ChargeSini with Takaful Malaysia!