ChargeSini is located within Hall D of the Malaysia Autoshow 2023.

Amongst the key electric vehicle (EV)-based brands present at the Malaysia Autoshow 2023 this week is local EV charging solutions start-up ChargeSini. Several of the firm’s charging devices are on display at their booth including both regular AC and rapid DC type chargers.

The gargantuan ChargeSini Hyper 140 DC charging station is being displayed for the first time.

Shown for the first time here is a rather gargantuan ‘Hyper 140’ unit. What’s rather unique about this particular device is its offer of no less than three handle types that includes two DC cables and one AC Cable with dynamic loading up to 43 kW. Included in the former too besides a CCS-2 connector is a CHAdeMO type connector.
Designed primarily for use in commercial and public spaces such as petrol stations and highway rest-stops, the Hyper 140 station can charge up to three vehicles at a time, dispensing up to 140 kW as well. Additionally, the Hyper 140 is also tied to the ChargeSini Cloud System that promises smarter charging activity. Noteworthy too is its offer of customisable and liquid-cooled DC cables.

Also on display is ChargeSini’s Stellar 40 DC charging station.

Besides the Hyper 140, ChargeSini also has its ‘Stellar 40’ DC charging unit on display. Unlike the Hyper 140 we just detailed above, this is a far smaller unit that’s also designed primarily for businesses, with ChargeSini touting public areas, commercial buildings, and parking lots as suitable locations for its placement. Key examples include those in MyTown Mall, KL, and Megaview Hotel, Kuantan, Pahang.
As its name suggests, the Stellar 40 DC charging unit can dispense charges up to 40 kW and charge up to two vehicles at the same time. The latter is enabled by this device’s inclusion of two customisable charging cables attached. Additionally, this unit also runs an OCPP Software with Dynamic Loading capable of distributing more power to cars at lower battery state.

A mock parking box is present, which showcases both ChargeSini’s staple Nexus series AC wallbox charger and automated parking barrier system.

These two rather sizable DC chargers aside, ChargeSini’s display booth at the Malaysia Autoshow 2023 also features a mock parking space showcase. Featured here is one of its staple Nexus series AC wallbox chargers that’s also paired with an automated parking barrier system. This unit offers a single Type-2 AC connector and is able to dispense AC charges of up to 22 kW.
For business owners and entities keen on adopting either devices, you’d be glad to note that a two-year warranty is included purchases of either. You can size up all three devices in person at the ChargeSini booth located in Hall D of the Malaysia Autoshow 2023 happening this week from May 4 to May 7, 2023.