60kW DCFC Now Available At Regina Mall, Port Dickson

The facility at Regina Mall houses a single Sangitech 60 kW DC charger with two (2) CCS2 charging guns capable of charging two EVs simultaneously at a rate of 30 kW.

The electric vehicle charging bays (EVCB) also come equipped with an automated parking barrier that only lowers when users activate their charging session through the ChargeSini mobile app.

As for the Regina Mall DCFC, the rates would be set at RM1.19/kWh.

All ChargeSini charging sessions will include a minimum RM5 reservation fee, and drivers get a 15-minute grace period to relocate their vehicle once their charging session has ended. 

Users who do not relocate their vehicle will be charged a RM1 idle fee for every 5 minutes the vehicle remains in the charging bay.