From closing RM5.58mil to expanding abroad, here’s how ChargeSini has grown in just 2 yrs

Following ChargeSini, Malaysia homegrown startup, here’s a look back on milestones we have achieved in the past 18 months, and what’s in store for the journey ahead. 

July 2022: Starting up

ChargeSini got its start in 2022, established by founder James Goh and his team of co-founders.

An avid car enthusiast, James is also the a co-founder of Raytech window tinting and Caricarz, a vehicle re-commerce listing website for used cars.

October 2022: Beginning the charge

In October, ChargeSini broke ground with our first charging stations, charging up the business for the rest of our growth.


April 2023: Forming partnerships

ChargeSini began forming strategic partnerships, starting by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Sarawak-based e-payment tech company Pay&Go.

The same month, ChargeSini also worked with British automotive brand MINI in Malaysia for a branding exercise, establishing the first MINI charging station at The Swan Garden Hotel Melaka.

May 2023: Bagging it up

In May 2023, ChargeSini successfully closed equity crowdfunding round on pitchIN, raised RM5.58 million from 74 investors.

September 2023: Venturing east

We launch our very first EV stations in Sabah, located at Riverson The Walk, Kota Kinabalu. In fact, in that third quarter of 2023, we managed to install a total of 162 new EV charging ports at 46 locations all over Malaysia.

October 2023: New partnerships

In October, ChargeSini signed a MoU with Mydin, to set up a total of 24 EV charging stations at Mydin outlets nationwide.

November 2023: Developing Sarawak

This month marked the launch of ChargeSini’s first EV stations in Sarawak, which is located at The Podium, Kuching.

December 2023: Ending the year strong

By the end of the year, ChargeSini boasted a total of 582 Charging Ports. Specifically, they had 464 AC chargers and 118 DC chargers.

February 2024: Even more partnerships

Earlier this year, ChargeSini collaborated with Edotco.

The goal with this partnership is to install EV charging stations at over 200 potential in-building locations nationwide in the next two years, further widening the network of chargers in Malaysia.

April 2024: Cross-country collaborations

By April this year, ChargeSini had already established its first EV station in Medan, marking its foray into Indonesia.

On top of that, ChargeSini announced a collaboration with Charge+ Singapore, forming the largest Singapore-Malaysia EV charging network, with more than 2,400 points between the two countries.

Moreover, ChargeSini also announced a collaboration with TELD New Energy Co Ltd, recognised as a leading EV charging point operator in China, with an impressive global network of 550,000 charging points.

The future is all charged up

Just shy of two years old, ChargeSini has already accomplished quite a number of milestones, playing a part in accelerating Malaysia’s EV landscape.

And it’s definitely not stopping here.

Looking at our past achievements, it’s clear that a large part of ChargeSini’s growth is by way of collaboration. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes a whole nation to grow a robust EV industry.