ChargeSini’s James Goh (second from right), with Pay&Go’s Eddie Wee (second from left) and YB Michael Tiang Ming Tee (centre).

Electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions start-up ChargeSini marked another significant growth milestone recently after inking a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pay&Go, Sarawak’s leading e-payment tech firm.
A brief signing ceremony was held earlier this week on Thursday, May 18. Amongst the attendees present included James Goh, CEO of ChargesSini (Chargehere EV Solution Sdn Bhd), and Eddie Wee, Group Executive Director of Pay&Go (Pay&Go Sdn Bhd).

YB Michael Tiang witnessing both Eddie Wee (left) and James Goh (right) during the signing ceremony held earlier this week.

Present to witness the ceremony too was Sarawak state’s Deputy Minister for Public Health, Housing and Local Government, YB Michael Tiang Ming Tee. Alongside him were Sarawak Energy Business Development Department Senior Manager Victor Ranyis, and Asean China Entrepreneurs Association VP Michael Liong.
The agreement sees both ChargeSini and Pay&Go mutually agreeing to collaborate towards boosting EV charging infrastructure, as well as enhancing the impact of which, in the community. It also aligns with the Government’s initiative and aims towards having 10,000 EV charging points activated by the year 2025.

YB Michael Tiang (left) and Pay&Go’s Eddie Wee (right) giving their keynote speeches during the signing ceremony.

After the ceremony, Sarawak Minister Tiang highlighted the state government’s plans to equip residential areas in Sarawak, both housing estates and condominiums included, with EV charging stations. This, according to Tiang, will improve convenience for EV drivers in the greater vicinity of Kuching city.
The Minister continued further and underlined his beliefs that developing the necessary infrastructure to encourage the adoption of electromobility amongst Sarawak motorists is a collaborative effort that involves various agencies and industry stakeholders.
“As of May 2023, we have secured approximately 70 smart car park orders in Sarawak and 30 car parks in West Malaysia. By the end of 2023, we plan to expand our services to Indonesia and target at least 500 smart car parks across different locations within the next three years,” said Pay&Go’s Eddie Wee.

ChargeSini’s James Goh.

“Given Pay&Go’s rapid expansion plans for its Malaysian and overseas operations, ChargeSini is excited to energise these efforts. We also look forward to welcoming Sarawak’s growing number of EV owners and users into our rapidly growing network too,” adds ChargeSini’s James Goh during said ceremony.
This new step undertaken by ChargeSini follow up from its recent efforts in raising over RM5 million in funding. The firm will utilise said funds to accelerate both its operational and business growth. This latest agreement with Pay&Go will also see ChargeSini’s presence grow in the East Malaysia region.