ChargeSini Featured in Vulcan Post (Aug edition)

What Tesla’s foray into M’sia may mean for our local EV industry & charging infrastructure Tesla’s brand recognition does increase awareness and interest in EVs among Malaysians. At the same time, it leads to increasing competition among automakers and perhaps lowering the prices of EVs in Malaysia by offering just RM199,000 for Tesla’s Model Y […]

ChargeSini X HJ Seafood Treasure

New EV station: HJ Seafood Treasure We are excited to announce that we have installed a DC 40kW charger in HJ Seafood Treasure, a popular restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. This charger will allow EV drivers to quickly and easily charge their cars while enjoying a delicious meal. Sustainability in Every Bite! ✅ Seamless Dining Experience: […]

ChargeSini X MegaView Hotel, Kuantan

New EV station: MegaView Hotel Good News! Our team has successfully installed a robust 40kW DC charger at the prestigious Megaview Hotel, Kuantan. This significant upgrade not only enhances the hotel’s sustainability initiatives but also caters to the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure. Say Goodbye To Range Anxiety! Whether you’re a guest at the […]