Good news for local Electric Vehicle (EV) owners! There’s a new EV charging service provider in the market, and they’re known as ChargeSini. The firm was founded by a group of forward thinkers boasting multi-year experiences and expertise in both the fields of e-commerce and engineering solutions.
With the rapid rise in both market availability and adoption of EVs in the local market, ChargeSini seeks to resolve existing issues faced by local EV owners and users, namely the narrow and limited coverage of EV charging stations currently present in Malaysia.
For that, ChargeSini has teamed up with local provider Sangitech in their bid to cater their consumers with a variety of EV charging solutions and products. Available for both residences and businesses, These products boast certifications by both Germany’s TUV safety monitoring agency, as well as the Malaysian Green Technology And Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) through its MyHijau scheme.
Presently, these EV charging products can be accessed at select locations, with this network set to grow further over time. Moreover, there’s also the ChargeSini App that’s poised for introduction very soon through both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
According to the firm, this upcoming mobile app will grant EV owners easy access to their aforementioned growing charging network through three simple, hassle-free features built into it: “Locate”, “Charge”, and “Pay”.
On its retail front, the products ChargeSini currently offers a range of AC chargers, those being the Nexus, Nexus Pro, and Nexus Biz wallboxes with outputs ranging between 7kW and 22kW. There’s also a range of DC fast-charger products available, which consists of the Stellar40, Hyper80, Hyper140 and Hyper180 charging units that offer outputs ranging between 80kW and 140kW.
On top of retailing these products, ChargeSini also offers installation services, and not just for private homes. For residences such as apartments, the firm provides installation services for both individual residents and mixed-use parking lots. The latter also has an integrated charging and parking management system available as well.
As for local businesses, ChargeSini touts that products like its Nexus Biz wallbox can help them earn a sizeable side income of between RM64,000 and RM300,000 annually. That, by the way, comes without incurring any additional expenses thanks to the 100% automation engineered into said product.
Besides the TUV and MyHijau certification mentioned earlier, all ChargeSini EV charging products also come with two-year warranty coverage, thus offering peace of mind to its users and operators.
ChargeSini presently operates out of its main showroom located in Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur where keen prospects can visit and view their available products. More details are available via its website, Further enquiries can also be made through its website, email [[email protected]], as well as by calling or WhatsApp chat at +6011-1638-1880.