ChargeSini is being featured in Vulcan Post, showcasing our exciting project partnerships!

With the rapid rise in electric vehicle (EV) adoption and increasing demand for charging infrastructure in Malaysia, the need for expansion is paramount.

Now, ChargeSini is opening up our business to another kind of investor—project partners.

Moving towards an asset-light business model, we are now inviting individual stakeholders to participate as project partners by purchasing and owning ChargeSini’s EV stations at specific locations.

Project partners have the opportunity to invest in specific stations, with ownership starting at an investment of RM100,000 per EV station.

We have already listed a number of bundled locations on our website that potential project partners can start booking.

Upon booking a lot, investors will be required to provide a deposit to secure your reservation.

Following this, ChargeSini will provide a clear timeline outlining the expected completion and readiness of the charging station. 

Once the investor has paid the full amount, ownership of the respective stations will be officially transferred to them.

The machines will also come with a warranty. That means project partners will receive comprehensive support and maintenance throughout the duration of the partnership.

Project partners also have the flexibility to sell back their lots, ensuring an exit strategy and ensuring liquidity for their investment.

This hybrid approach ensures a balanced portfolio of owned and partner-owned stations, maximising market coverage and profitability. 

Together, let’s spark a sustainable revolution and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future!